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5 Methods for Warehouse Optimization

Correct determination of the level of stocks is one of the most important problems of a company, because their formation and maintenance generate significant costs.


What content do you find in this e-book?

Vazut-albastruIn understanding the importance of processes and flows of materials and information within the activity of a company.

Vazut-albastruDetermining the storage effort of the company.

Vazut-albastruDetermining the optimal inventory management model for a given situation.

Vazut-albastruOrganizing warehouses so as to obtain maximum efficiency.

Vazut-albastruReducing the costs generated by stocks without movement.

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Stocks play a very important role in the activity of the vast majority of companies, and the way in which the storage activity is conducted, in order to optimize storage, can make the difference between successful companies and those that fight for survival.

There are many terms and multiple procedures that we need to consider and sometimes this can seem difficult. It is important to know these procedures very well, in order to easily communicate the information to the departments involved in optimizing the company’s storage and efficiency.

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