Alina Neagu

Transformational Trainer & Coach

Alina developed and transformed herself many times in her career for over 20 years, working with people in teams within multinational companies, in various roles such as: Customer Care, Sales, Business & Account Development, General Management but also in different domains such as FMCG (Unilever) and Corporate Travel Management (Happy Tour Group, Aerotravel Lufthansa City Center and Wens Travel).

Her passion for learning and self-development and the continuous internal work with upgrading her abilities, lead her to the Training and Coaching industry in difficult pandemic times, as an international certified Trainer & Coach in the John Maxwell Leadership Team.

Alina is fully dedicated to share her knowledge and experience in Sales, Communication and Leadership with the ones that want to get to their maximum potential both personally & professionally, providing trainings, workshops and coaching services in her actual role as Transformational Trainer & Coach.