Dynamic Learning Team

Iulian Penescu

Managing Partner

Iulian coordinated sales teams in the financial area and managed industrial production, being rewarded for the results achieved with the teams. Since 2003 he has been working in the L&D market. For Dynamic Learning he is the binder that keeps the team and the customers close, thinking: Be dynamic, be your best.

Daniela Penescu

Sales & Office Manager

Daniela has experience in customer care and sales. She coordinates the specific activities in starting and leading the projects. In a Visionary and Problem Solving team, Daniela takes on the Problem Solving part, concerning for the details and taking things to the end. The most she likes being team player and getting people together.

Adrian Veselu

Senior Consultant

Adrian has more than 25 years of experience in finance and management. Over the last years he has supported over 300 training sessions and consultancy. He develops and implements business strategy, advises on financial management and supports soft skills programs with joy and profesionalism.

Nic Enache

Senior trainer and Coach

Nic was Tutor for HR, Management and Marketing at CODECS. He acts as an accredited coach in Romania and the US. In coaching sessions he really leads coachees to unlock their potential and increase performance. Nic has the calm necessary to guide quality insights.

Daniela Șerban

Business Developer & Trainer

Daniela created a various number of training programs in the companies she has worked. From HR position, she is responsible for instructing teams in all Human Resources areas: recruiting, selection, employer branding, personnel management, performance management, feed-back, leadership.

Alex Frumosu

Senior trainer and Coach

Alex has over 10 years experience as a trainer, 6 years in consulting and almost 10 years as HR Manager and Director. His professionalism has been recognized by the International Coach Federation, awarding him as Associate Certified Coach and Associate Power Coach, so to efficiently lead team coaching.

Loredana Vlădăreanu

Senior trainer and Coach

Loredana is CLI accredited coach. In coaching sessions she addresses questions that lead to values that turn people to themself and help them (re) discover. In over 10 years of HR consultancy, she evaluated over 500 executives, middle managers and top managers. This helps her working efficiently with people today.

Paul Costin

Trainer and Coach

Paul is life & executive coach and trainer with over 25 years of professional experience. He is Associate member of the Romanian Association for Coaching and founder member of the “COACH for champions”. Since 2015 he is leading coaching with leaders, managers, teams, PEOPLE who have identified CHANGE and JUDGMENT to act on success. Be the change you want to see!

Aryana Popescu

Senior trainer & Consultant

Aryana has been working for over 20 years in Training and Development (Orange, Vodafone, DHL). She creates and implements training programs for companies from various industries, in the areas: recruitment strategies, performance evaluation, talent identification, situational leadership, customer care, telesales.

Luciana Troacă

Senior trainer

Luciana developed and implemented training projects in the financial services industry, FMCG, mobile telephony. As a Manager, she got in the TOP of Professionals in 1999 – second place in the country for results achieved with the sales team. Now she is HRM and certified psychologist. Her experience helps her a lot in training programs.

Bogdan Uritescu

Trainer and Facilitator

Bogdan is Actor, Director, Scenarist, NLP Practitioner, specialized in Fighting Choreography. These experiences help him establishing the “DYNAMIC PROTOCOL” project, where learners experience reality through situations, states, emotions, experiences, exercises and actions, discovering “Who they are / Who they can be”?”

Alexandra Cernian

Digital/IT Expert

Alexandra is Senior trainer & Digital/IT Consultant. She has teaching and research experience in: databases, artificial intelligence, software engineering, business intelligence, data mining. She has the ability to explain abstract concepts, simply but interesting and challenging, so as to determine training participants involvement.

Mihaela Renţea

Marketing Consultant

Mihaela has been working for 10 years in Samsung Electronics. She held the positions of Country Manager and Brand & Communications Director. The combination of know-how, know-why and know-who gives her the opportunity to present real case studies that participants can successfully use in management and marketing activities for business.

Simona Stănescu

Senior consultant

Simona has significant experience in private procurement and consultancy. She has coordinated public and private auction projects, planning and managing the procurement process for various types of products and services, for all the departments and specific needs, selecting national and international suppliers. 

Ane-Mary Ormenișan

Senior trainer

Ane-Mary is International Trainer certified in Process Communication Model® by Taibi Kahler Associates and Organizational Consultant with Training in Transactional Analysis. Ane-Mary has relevant managerial experience as a Human Resources Director. This gives her clear vision for delivering relevant trainings in human resources area.

Senior Trainer & Coach

Catalina believes that it’s in our own power to become the best version of ourself, using the potential we already have. She chooses to be close to people during this process of own innovation and offer them support in clarifying their own objectives. ‘’I help people to become their best version, no matter what!

Cristian Prună

Sales Support

Although young, Cristian is passionate about sales. Characteristic perseverance and enthusiasm are an asset in the experience gained with the Dynamic Learning team. Understanding organizational challenges is his objective, so as to recommend the most suitable Learning & Development solution.”

Cristiana Cîrciumaru

Training Assistant

In all big things, details are very important, and Cristiana, as a Training Assistant, has the attention and focus necessary to deliver projects to appropriate quality standards, in accordance with the competence level of Dynamic Learning consultants and the demands of clients.

Consultant HR & Psihoterapeut

Viorica has an experience of over 15 years in the human resources management field; she establishes HR and organizational strategies in the IT domain. Viorica creates challenging programs that have as objectives various areas: overcoming own limitations, building trust in teams.

Trainer & Consultant

Adrian supplies Agile courses for clients in various industries, addressed to both the management and project management areas, as well as to the teams from different departments.  The Agile mindset and its specific methodology can be applied in any domain, in order to facilitate the efficiency of the activity.

Ștefana Badiu

Trainer Impro & Actress

Stefana is a professional actress and certified trainer, co-founder of the ”Dream and Act” Acting School, with over 10 years of experience in organizing acting courses and improvising, teambuildings, personal development camps, Public Speaking courses. She has also over 10 years experience in 3 big IT corporations: Oracle, Microsoft, HP. This helps her to understand the importance of dealing with emotions in business.

Irina Beșcucă

Trainer & Facilitator

Irina has 15 years of corporate career experience and that makes it easy for her to have the right understanding regarding her clients and clients’ businesses. She says: “I strongly believe that, as long as we live, we learn. I was always eager to find new ways to improve myself in various domains; that and my wish to contribute to others’ evolution aligned.

Alexandru Preda


Alex is life coach & mindfulness trainer.  “In collaboration with Coaching Partners school I developed, for self-leaders, the course Self coachingship. Because of my passion for mindfulness, in 2014, I wrote the book Bine ai venit! (Welcome!). I like to offer support for self-leaders in their journey for achieving their own objectives.”

Gabriela Derdeicea

Business Developer

For over 15 years, he has been a intern trainer, actively contributing to the development and growth of mangers and sales advisors. He is a trainer and consultant in relational communication and, also, a practician in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT). He organizes workshops on various communication subjects: parent-child, professional, self-relationship.

Anca Burlacu

Graphic Recorder & Visual Facilitator

Anca has certified GROW Integrative Coach and Graphic Recorder & Visual Facilitator, after 18 years of logical thinking in technical areas in Oracle, Ericcson, Vodafone. She provides added value to training and coaching sessions by creatively summarizing the essence of topics discussed. A picture is worth 1000 words.”

Adi Mustață

Senior Trainer & Consultant

Adi is currently conducting research on the study of intuitive decision making. It involves cultivating entrepreneurial skills. Develops and supports intuition courses for managers who have felt at some point that an investment will bring profit or that an employee will prove valuable.”

Ivona Rapan

Senior Consultant & Trainer

Ivona restores the self-confidence of the participants in her courses through the attitude of a leader and through the methods of exploring the interior: NLP, AI, Implications of Intuition in Decisional Management, Neuro Marketing. She is a trainer of minds with initiative.”

Bogdan Iftemie

Consultant & Trainer

With a professional experience of 25 years, Bogdan held positions of Account Manager, Product Manager, Commercial Manager, Country Manager in the IT industry. He successfully coordinated the teams, and now he uses his experience in sales, communication, management and leadership courses.”

Elena Grecu

Senior Trainer & Avocat

Elena graduated master’s degrees one in business law and the other in intellectual property law. “The experience I gained, starting 2006, is based on in-depth knowledge of the current legislation. Elena gets constant effort to find the most ingenious solutions for business actors being creative under the law rigours.”

Andrei Pop

Senior Trainer

Andrei has an experience of 18 years of international managerial experience in Supply Chain Management in multinational oil companies and over 20 years of experience as a trainer. Given his professional background, he develops programs for Supply Chain Management.

Alina Andrei

Senior Trainer

Alina has a long career in retail, which helps her understand the specifics of the field. It supports retail employees and managers to improve their attitude and skills, to attract customers and achieve business objectives. Delivers practical courses in Customer Care, Sales, Retail Management.

Adrian Lupulescu

Senior Consultant

Adrian has over 20 years of leadership experience in various industries and 12 years as a trainer in MBA programs. He has managed changes in dynamic markets and coordinated companies from start to finish. Together with Dynamic Learning consultants he turns on the light for business figures, people and results.

Fabiola Bărăgan

Senior Trainer

Fabiola has relevant experience and top results in the positions of Consultant and Sales Manager of financial and banking services in ING, AVIVA, Millenium Bank, Citi Bank, OTP Bank. Now he shares his experience with learners, which helps them improve the sales process and increase intrinsic motivation.