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Navigation guide for challenged leaders and teams

Leaders face most situations that need to be solved urgently, effectively and responsibly. All this cannot be managed without mutual trust between the leader and the team.


  What do you find in this e-book?

Vazut-albastru Starting point for leaders (Boarding and sails up!)

Vazut-albastru What is situational leadership? (The Captain’s Precious Instrument)

Vazut-albastru How to apply the 4 leadership styles (Interaction between the captain and the ship’s crew)

Vazut-albastru The 5 leadership skills (Which helps you hold the helm when the storm starts)

Vazut-albastru Antileadership – How we recognize Antileaders (How bad times can be triggered by captain’s mistakes)

Vazut-albastru In conclusion (Or when you have reached your destination and the sun has risen)

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This e-book “Navigation guide for challenged leaders and teams” can be useful for:

  • Managers
  • HR departments
  • Teams looking for methods to overcome bad times

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