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Antileadership – Difficult managers

If you ask employees what reproaches they have for difficult managers, they tell you that:

Managers do not communicate with them. They supervise them strictly or does not pay any attention to them. They are chaotic, they have no strategy. They don’t pay them well.


  What do you find in this e-book?

Vazut-albastru Antileadership: 9 signs to recognize it

Vazut-albastru Prince charming manager

Vazut-albastru Control-freak manager

Vazut-albastru The tyrannical manager

Vazut-albastru Absent manager

Vazut-albastru The fearful manager

Vazut-albastru Hyperactive manager (bulldozer)

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Each chapter contains: 

  • How we recognize the typology
  • What are the consequences of staying in the organization
  • How we behave accordingly

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